About Membership

So what is the deal with membership in a church, anyway? That's a pretty fair and honest question; one that most churches don't have a very good answer for.

Or, maybe even better, we hear the question: "Why should I become a member, can't I just attend?" Of course you can, and we would be pleased if you did!

For us, church is not just a place where we go to "get our fill" or "check the boxes," but it is a family of God. This church is not a place where people are just nameless faces in a crowd, but a place where people connect, have coffee, share their stories, live together, suffer together, rejoice together, learn together, worship together and serve together. A big part of church is the community.

We don't ask people to become nameless faces in some stuffy organization - we ask people to join our family. We will be there for you when you need it, and, we hope, you will be there for us when we need it too.

That is membership - becoming a part of our church family that walks the Christian walk of faith surrounded by a community of encouragement, support and care.

After all, it is a lonely road to walk alone.


If you have questions about or are interested in becoming a member here at LCSP, call the pastor (314) 226-0831, stop by the office or talk with him on Sunday morning.

Membership classes are done on an individual basis, according to the needs and place in life of each person wanting to join our church family. There is no need to wait for the "next adult instruction course." Our pastor will find the time to meet with you when you can, as soon as you are ready.

Membership classes are also tailor made to the needs of each person. If you are new to the faith, we will take as much time with you as you need to help teach you the faith you are becoming a part of. If you are a dyed in the wool and already confirmed Lutheran, active in your last church, we will not make you re-learn the whole bible before joining us! Most people fit somewhere in the middle, and we will take as much or as little time as it takes to help you comfortably and confidently become a part of our family of faith.